5 Tips to Prevent Ants Inside and Out

Do you an ant problem? Hundreds or maybe thousands of them scurrying around your home?  Due to their opportunistic nature, getting rid of ants can be a real challenge for homeowners. Not only are they a nuisance; they can spread unwanted bacteria and cause extensive damage to your home’s foundation. Most species of ants can survive indoors and outdoors, and they can live on a wide variety of food sources. To effectively prevent or get rid of already existing ants, follow the steps below.


Remove Nesting Areas

Successful ant prevention begins with removing potential nesting areas. Make sure to remove excess plants, brush, old landscape material, and other yard debris that may serve as a natural gathering place for these unwanted pests.


Reduce Water Sources

Reducing excess moisture or standing water in or around your home can help prevent the nesting of ants. Make sure to:

  • Repair leaking pipes
  • Add dirt to low levels where standing water occurs close to your foundation
  • Periodically check for excess moisture under sinks and washers
  • Hang wet dish rags, towels, or clothing to dry or place in the washing machine right away
  • Dry out sinks, showers, and other wet surfaces after use
  • Implement a dehumidifier in extremely damp areas of your home


Store Away Food

If you have an ant problem inside your home, they are likely surviving on leftover food and crumbs. You can eliminate food sources and help prevent ants from coming inside by:

  • By wiping down your countertops
  • Storing away leftover food in airtight containers
  • Cleaning kitchen appliances
  • Sweeping your floors regularly
  • Use a lid on trash cans and dispose of your garbage regularly


Eliminate Entry Points

Inspect the outside of your home for any easy entry points. Remember if they made their way inside, there has to be an entry point somewhere. Make sure trees, shrubs, and bushes are trimmed away from your home. Seal any noticeable cracks or crevices around windows, doors, pipes, and so on.


Call a Professional

Are the ants too much to handle? Don’t wait until the last minute to get them under control. Our well-trained, licensed, and insured pest management technicians will complete an on-site pest inspection and provide you with a recommended treatment plan. You can even keep them from ever getting in with our affordable pest control Guardian Program. Our highly-trained technicians use precise, concentrated techniques to protect your home for extended periods. By focusing on entry points like windows, doors, eaves, vents, and other areas, we can give you year-round peace of mind.