Bed Bug Removal FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Removal


How much does bed bug removal cost?

The cost of bed bug removal will depend on the service and treatment options needed, which will vary depending on the specific infestation we are dealing with. It is best to contact Frame’s to receive a FREE quote and we can help determine which treatment option is right for you. Once you have the main service completed, additional treatment options and preventative options will be available to you at a discounted rate.

What is the importance of hiring a qualified professional for bed bug removal?

Removing bed bugs without the knowledge and expertise of a professional pest control service often leaves the problem unsolved, and ends up costing more than hiring someone to remove them. This can also cause further damage to your home.

Are bed bugs hard to get rid of?

Depending on the severity of the infestation, bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of. This is why it is recommended that you contact Frame’s, a professional pest control service, to treat the infestation. Our bed bug control service is proven to get rid of your bed bug infestation and additional treatment options are available to prevent their return.

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Homes and commercial buildings can become infested in a variety of ways. Bugs and eggs can be brought into the home or building from other locations by pets, people, clothing and luggage. Infested items such as furniture, clothing, and backpacks can spread and transport bed bugs. Bugs can even travel through ductwork, cracks in the walls or ceilings from a nearby infested location. If you suspect bed bugs, call Frame’s for a FREE estimate today.