Bed Bugs

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It’s Bed Time, Bed Bugs!

If you’re in need of a bed bug exterminator, you’re in the right place. Frame’s Pest Control has helped countless homes and hotels get rid of bed bugs.

We’re experts in bed bugs removal so that you don’t have to be. Bed bugs can cause skin rashes, blisters, psychological effects and allergic reactions. Homes and commercial buildings can become infested in a variety of ways, including:

  • Bugs and eggs inadvertently brought infrom other locations on pets, people, clothing and luggage
  • Infested items such as furniture, clothing and backpacks
  • Bugs may travel an easy route (ductwork, false ceilings) from a nearby infested location

No matter how they arrive in your home or business, we can find them and eliminate them.

Bed Bug Pest Control Service Options

Bed bugs removal ann arbor michigan Using our experience, research and expertise, we have developed a Pest control plan that offers both excellent elimination of the immediate infestation and a temporary level of protection against straggling bugs and reinfection. We offer a three-step approach that includes:

  • Non-chemical alcohol spray
  • Residual chemical application
  • Followed by a flushing agent

Additional treatment options are available at a discounted rate with any bed bug extermination service:


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Frequently Asked Questions: Bed Bugs

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