Diseases Caused by Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug Bites can cause a number of problems ranging from allergies, itching, swelling, and insomnia to anaphylactic shock. Bed Bugs Bite at night while you are sleeping and hence your defense is weak. You can be bitten as many as 500 times in a single night in case of serious Bed Bug Infestation. In case, there are apparent Bed Bug Signs in your home you must Get Rid of Bed Bugs at the earliest. Bed Bugs Control becomes difficult over time as they can travel to other parts of your home too.

Bed Bug Bites are generally painless as they release a numbing agent while biting. Nonetheless, the bites can elicit allergic reactions, itching, swelling, and phobia.

Some of the Common Problems Caused by Bed Bug Bites are:

Allergic Reactions: Individual reaction to Bed Bug Bites differs from person to person. While you may not show any symptoms of Bed Bug Bites, your family members can exhibit mild to extreme allergic reactions. There can be a burning sensation at the site of the bite.

Itching: It is the most common problem associated with Bed Bug Bites. You can have severe itching due to the bites. Bed bugs usually bite in clusters that can cause intense itching even after several days.

Secondary Infections: Although bed bugs are not known to spread infections through their bites yet, severe itching can lead to open wounds. These wounds can get infected if not treated properly. Secondary complications like impetigo, lymphangitis, and ecthyma are also a possibility.

Red Spots and Blisters: You can have red spots or blisters as a result of Bed Bug Bites. These blisters subside after few days but the itching and phobia can persist.

Insomnia: Fear of the bites is a very big factor. Presence of bed bugs can make you anxious, depriving you of sleep. It will not only lead to reduced efficiency but may also increase panic and stress levels.

Anaphylactic Shock: The people with low immunity, pre-existing conditions like allergies, and asthma are at a higher risk. Bed Bug Bites may trigger anaphylactic shock in such people. This can be very dangerous. Immediate Bed Bugs Treatment is mandatory for such people to minimize the risk.

Chagas Disease: Studies and lab tests have proven that bed bugs can spread Chagas diseases. Although such a spread hasn’t been documented yet, the risk is always there. Additionally, bed bugs also carry more than 40 dangerous pathogens in their gut. Accidental contact of these pathogens through open wounds is always a possibility.

High-Risk Groups

Kids: The young kids are at a very high risk of allergic reactions from Bed Bug Bites. If you have young kids at home, Bed Bugs Pest Control is a must for you.

The Elderly: The immune system gets weak with advancing age and this puts the senior people at high risk. They already face problems like anxiety and sleep disorders. Bed bugs can aggravate these problems apart from causing allergies and itching.

Bed Ridden Patients: They are at the highest risk due to greater exposure. The itching may easily lead to skin inflammation in such people.

You must never take Bed Bugs Infestation lightly as it can rapidly spiral out of control. Bed Bugs Removal is a complex task best undertaken in the initial stages of the outbreak. Pesticides, as well as the Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs, can be used as a method for Killing Bed Bugs.

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