How to Spot Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs Infestation has emerged as a new crisis for the developed world. Either 1 out of every 5 Americans have faced bed problems or they know someone who has. The situation has worsened over the years. Bed Bugs Control is best possible if they are detected early. However, detecting them is not an easy task either.

Bed bugs are very shy creatures and they live in the dark crevices and corners. They are difficult to spot and inexperienced eye may not be able to detect many of them even while they are crawling on the sheets. See Bed Bug Types

Bed Bug Signs- Things to Look for

If you are looking for Bed Bug Signs in your home, then you must start looking for bed bug droppings, their skin peels, and blood smears. Bed bug droppings are black color specks on the seams of your sheets and mattresses. They are telltale signs of bed bugs. The tiny yellowish flakes are the skin peels of the bed bugs, although, it is difficult to detect. The most visible sign is a blood smear on your sheets. Bed bugs leave blood trails behind them.

Once you have made sure that there are bedbugs in your home. The next step is to look for their hiding spot to get an idea of the size of Bed Bugs Infestation.

Places You Need to Inspect

Your Sheets and Mattresses

Your sheets and mattresses are the places, to begin with. Look at the seams of your sheets and the ribs of your mattresses. The bed bugs will most probably be on the underside of your mattress and therefore, you will have to look there.

Inside Your Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are a good hiding place for bed bugs. Slowly reverse the pillow covers and closely look at the seams for black specks.

Inside the Box Spring

This is one of the most unreachable and darkest spots. Bed bugs breed and thrive in dark places. You must look at the corners of the box spring and locate the bed bug droppings.

Behind the Light Switches

Bed bugs crawl behind the light switches and come out at night to suck your blood. You can trace them back there too.

Behind Wall Paintings

Wall paintings are also a safe hideout for bed bugs. You should carefully look at the corners to find the black specks from their droppings.


Closets can also be a hiding place for bed bugs. They can hide at the edges of the drawers in the closets.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are another big target of bed bugs as they can hide in them safely. Kids keep moving the toys from one room to another and the bed bugs get an easy ride to other places in your home.

Bed bugs can be found in the seams, cracks, edges, crevices, and voids in the objects in your room. They love to stay in dark places and hence you must inspect everything closely.

Bed Bugs Removal- Requires Experience and Expertise

Bed Bugs Removal is an even more complex job and best suited for the experts. It not only requires proper identification of all their hiding spots but complete extermination. If the Bed Bugs Infestation is in its early stages then you may not be able to see them at all. Bed bugs come out at night to feed and will hide quickly even at your slightest movement. Visual inspection is generally unreliable and if you have Bed Bugs Bite marks, then calling the experts is the best.

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