Identifying Bed Bugs

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Types of Bed Bugs and How Do They Look Like

Bed bugs may appear similar to other insects, as well as, there are several types of bed bugs too. For an effective Bed Bugs Treatment, clear identification of the bugs is a must. A pesticide that may work for one type of pest may not be effective on others. Therefore, it is important that you know the common types of bed bugs found in homes.

Three main Bed Bug Types are found in the US that affects the human population:

  1. The Household Bugs
  2. The Tropical Bugs
  3. The Bat Bugs

They differ in their habitats, food habits, and traits, which proves helpful in identifying them.

The household bed bug (CimexLectularius): This is the most common type of bed bug. Young bed bugs are very small and translucent in color. There is a great possibility that you may not be able to spot them even if they are moving on your sheets. The adult Bed bugs are comparatively larger and may grow up to 7 mm in length. They are dark brown in color and a fully fed bed bug may look like an apple seed. However, spotting them is a difficult task as they generally come out at night only when you are fast asleep.

Household bed bugs can feed on animals and humans alike. However, human blood is their favorite. Even a few bed bugs inadvertently brought into your home can form a colony within a few months. Bed Bugs Control after the initial infestation becomes very difficult and expensive. They reproduce fast and a colony of bed bugs can hold thousands of them.

The Tropical Bed Bugs (CimexHemipterus): As the name suggests, these bed bugs are found in tropical regions. Florida and other southern states in the US are likely to have these bed bugs. However, like all bed bug varieties, they are also good hitchhikers and may travel to other places in the luggage of people traveling from tropical areas. They are a bit larger than the household bed bugs and may grow up to 8 mm in length. They are dark reddish brown in color and may live up to a year. Tropical bed bugs like to hide in wood and paper and do not prefer stone, plaster, steel, or textile for hiding. Tropical bed bugs may leave a very foul odor and the Bed Bug Bites can cause allergic reactions and irritation.

The Bat Bugs (Cimexadjunctus): Human beings are not their preferred food source. These bugs feed on the blood of bats but will suck the blood of the humans too if bats are not available. To the naked eye, bat bugs are identical to the household bugs. They are 5-6mm long and have reddish brown color. However, they have longer hair than common bed bugs, but you will not be able to see that with naked eyes. The only good thing is that once you get rid of a bat infestation in your home these bugs will go away easily. They like to stay close to their natural food source.

The small size and indistinguishable features of the various Bed Bug Types make the identification difficult. Yet, it is very important for controlling Bed Bugs Infestation. You must call the experts at the earliest for effective Bed Bugs Control.

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