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Are the chemicals used in treatment safe?
The EPA evaluates pesticides to ensure that they will not have unreasonable adverse effects on humans, the environmental and non-target species. As long as you follow all instructions for your service, there is no reason to be concerned.

Why do you recommend residents stay out 3-4 hours after treatment?
Some of our treatments require time to dry and to allow fogging to dissipate.

What is the difference between baiting and a pesticide treatment?
Baiting allows for the minimum amount of pesticide to be used to treat an infestation. The trade-off to baiting is that it can take longer and pests can only be treated if harborage sites can be narrowed down.

Why do I still see living insects (fleas, bedbugs, roaches, etc.) after treatment?
You may still see live pests 7-10 days after treatments because it can take time for pests to come into contact with treatments. Most pests will die 24-48 hours after coming into contact with the dried chemical or digestion of baits.

I am getting bitten. What could it be?
Unfortunately there are too many possibilities for us to narrow down. Bites can manifest anywhere from minutes to days. In addition, individual reactions can vary greatly between types of bites. You can try a doctor, but bites are usually not unique enough to identify. Frame’s can come out to inspect and try and do trapping to investigate these situations.

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