Heatigation Treatment for Bed Bugs

Think that bedbugs are only found in dirty homes or low rent hotels? Think again.  Bed bugs are tiny insects that love to feed on human blood, and they do not discriminate. Found in even the most expensive hotels and immaculate homes, bedbugs are prevalent throughout the country. As a matter of fact, pestworld.org states that one in five Americans have either had bedbugs or know someone who has encountered them.


How do bedbugs get into your home

Bedbugs are savvy travelers. They can hang out on a movie theater chair and catch a ride home on your clothes, or climb into your suitcase when you are staying in an infested hotel room. Even the most vigilant person can bring home bedbugs from an office building, taxi cab, college dorm or high traffic location.


Where do they hide

When you are worried about bedbugs, every spec you see looks like one. As their name would imply, they can often be found on mattresses, box springs and bed frames. These tiny critters can also hide in other difficult to treat areas of your home, including baseboards and heating vents.


Oftentimes, these tiny pests are so difficult to spot that people can only identify them by the mess they leave behind. Bedbugs shed their skin and leave pepper like droppings that are easy to spot if you know what you where to look. Most commonly, evidence of bedbugs can be found in the crevices of your mattress


Do it yourself remedies that fail

Go to any search engine and type in bedbugs, and you will come up with hundreds of articles and links that claim to provide the magic, do-it-yourself remedy that will eliminate bedbugs from your home.


Don’t believe everything you read. Bedbugs are, in fact, virtually impossible to exterminate without the help of a licensed professional. In extreme cases, do-it-yourselfers were ultimately forced to take all of their mattresses, carpets and furniture to landfill.


Bedbug Treatment Options

Traditionally, exterminators have used chemical treatments to eliminate bedbugs. This is an effective and safe option, but it does require multiple treatments that are spaced out over several weeks. The downfall of this treatment is that there is a lot of additional work that needs to be done. For starters, all linens, clothing curtains and fabrics must be cleaned and any clutter that could provide a safe haven for bedbugs must be reduced or eliminated.


Bedbugs can’t stand the heat

Heatigation treatment is an additional option offered by many exterminators. Since bedbugs can hide in a variety of places like blankets, shoes, clothing, furniture or baseboards, it can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to prepare for chemical treatments. (Imagine how many clothes and curtains would need to be washed!) Since the temperature to kill bed bugs is 177-122 degrees Fahrenheit, heat treatment, or heatigation, is a highly-effective choice.


Advantages to using heatigation

The biggest advantage to using heatigation to eliminate bedbugs is that it saves you time. There is no need to take time off work to declutter and prepare for an exterminator to treat your home, and results will be seen the same day as a treatment. In most cases the bedbug issues are resolved before you even return home.


Finally, Bed Bugs Heatigation Treatment minimizes the use of chemicals in the home. This treatment is so effective that chemicals only need to be used for spot treatments in areas where live bedbugs are seen.