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If it crawls, flies or scurries, we can get it out of your home—and keep it out for good. Trust the experts at Frame’s Pest Control to help ensure the safety, health and comfort of your family by keeping your home pest free.

Frame’s can handle a variety of pests from bedbugs to mice. If it’s bugging you, call us for a free estimate.

Check out our Residential FAQ section for answers to your most frequently asked pest control questions.

Home Pest Control Services

Pest control professional lady with house ownerCustomized, Pest Specific Treatments

Our well-trained, licensed and insured pest management technicians will complete an on-site pest inspection and provide you with a recommended treatment plan. Target treatments are typically recommended for most crawling insects, including ants, spiders, centipedes, earwigs and others. Depending on your environment, a second visit is often recommended.

Say goodbye to cockroaches, bed bugs and anything else invading your home. Have a small problem you prefer to handle yourself? We offer a complete line of over-the-counter products as well.

Quarterly Guardian Program

If you keep pests from getting in, you don’t have to get them out. Our Guardian Program is designed to do just that. It’s guaranteed to control all pests in and around your home, excluding termites, mosquitoes and local wildlife. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our experts have properly treated your home, and in the rare event that a pest persists, our technicians will take care of the issue at no cost.

We also offer Guardian Plus, which offers all of the benefits of our Guardian Program, plus termite protection. Yard and wildlife treatments are available as well. Add them to the Guardian Program or Guardian Plus for a 35% discount off the regular price.

Find out more about preventative programs.

Guaranteed Exterior Sprays

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