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Preparation and program documents

In order to give you all the information that we need, the links below contain helpful information for you to choose the appropriate program to rid your home or business of troublesome pests. Please click the right link below to download the information needed to prepare your home or business for the application of pest control measures.

Preparation Information

Program Information

Seasonal Outside Spider Program

Seasonal Outside Spider Program Information


  • Windows may have streaks after treatment so please do not clean before treatment. Clean with water.
  • Our chemical can take time to work completely, please give it 10- 14 days before calling back.
  • Treatments can be made before rain as long as it is given time to dry. The treatment is then water resistant.
  • Close windows before treatment and cover any outdoor furniture you don’t want sprayed.
  • All fish ponds must be covered or have fish removed before treatment and water cleaned before fish put back.
Seasonal Wasp Control Program

Seasonal Wasp Control Program Details

  • Ground nests or nests that are not on treated structures
  • Honey bees or ground bees, unless specifically requested when setting an appointment
  • Flying insects from off-site nests: If your neighbors have nests, please recommend our service.

Important Reminders

  • Windows may have streaks after treatment, but please do not clean after treatment. When you do clean treated windows, only use water.
  • We ask you to wait at least 21 days before making follow-up calls on active nests. Our chemicals can take time to work completely.
  • Please locate nests before calling to avoid a service charge if our technician arrives and no nests are found.
  • Wasp, yellow jacket and hornet nests die each fall. The queens produced by these nests leave and search for a place to hibernate. Occasionally, this can be on your home. Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent this from happening.
Guardian Quarterly Program

General Information

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