Signs of Termite Infestation

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Termites are the silent devils. They live in the underworld of woods and hence, you may never have even a chance encounter with them. This makes them more dangerous as you don’t fight what you don’t see. However, just because they aren’t visible doesn’t mean they are any less damaging. Termite infestation causes a huge financial loss in form of property and furniture loss of more than $5 billion annually in the US alone. But, the more serious problem is the structural damage to your property which can even put lives at risk.

Termites are difficult to detect. Some termite species like Dry Wood Termites live inside the wood and hence are impossible to detect. Others leave some trails but they also appear very late. Generally, you will get the first hint of termite infestation only when they have caused substantial damage. Only a complete Termite Inspection by trained professionals can help in detecting infestation on time. Pest Control Services have great experience and equipment to detect these elusive devils. Timely Termite Treatment will lead to Termite Prevention on your property.

Dealing with termites is a very tricky task. Termite Control or complete Termite Removal is a task easier said than done. Even if some termites survive they can start infestation again. The experts use several Termite Treatment Options including Natural Termite Control. Some highly Effective Ways of TermiteTreatment are given here.

Regular Termite Inspection and treatment of the property is a must. However, if you see a Sign of Termite Infestation you must call the experts immediately.

7 things to watch out are:

Termite Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites need mud tubes for making their way to the wooden surface. They can’t walk in the open. Although these mud tubes wouldn’t be easy to spot as they are generally in the dark and nondescript corners of your home. Still, if you see such mud tubes then you must call the experts for Termite Protection.

Cracks in Door Jams and Cornices

Termites weaken the wood from inside. They lead to loss of structural integrity. This loss is most visible in areas that are bearing load or movement. Door jams and cornices are the best places to look for such failures. If you suspect a problem then immediately call the Pest Control Services for Termite Inspection.

Sand or Dust Pellets

Dry Wood Termites are the most dangerous as they work in stealth mode. They are the hardest to detect. Yet, they leave sand-like dust pallets. If you see a dust-like thing at a place where it shouldn’t be, then you need to be alert. Before you brush it off, think again. Call the Termite Control experts immediately for help.

Difficult to Open Doors and Windows

The subterranean termites can cause the wood to swell. It is actually caused by the entrapment of heat and moisture inside the wood. So, if you notice that wood in your home has got fluffy or swollen at places, it is an indication of termite attack. Calling the Termite Pest Control services is the best option.

Skirtings and other Areas that Break Easily

Termite damage can cause the wood to become weak. It breaks easily and becomes as soft as thin paper. Even a slight pressure can break it. If while cleaning you feel that areas like the skirting and window sills are breaking easily then it can be due to termites. You must get the Best Termite Treatment immediately.

Timber that Sounds Hollow

Termites eat timber from inside and make it hollow. You can practically tell the difference by the sound it makes on knocking. If you notice that all of a sudden some pillar or post in your home has started sounding hollow then it can be due to termite attack. You must call the Termite Prevention experts immediately. This kind of damage can compromise the structural strength of your property or furniture and may lead to injuries.

Piles of Wings near Window Sills

Generally, termites are wingless but that’s not true for all termites. The reproductive termites can grow wings when they need to find new colonies. However, they’ll shed their wings as soon as they find a place to nest and form a colony. So, if you start finding a same-size pair of wings near light sources in your home, then you need to get alert. Wings on the window sills or glass doors are an indication that termites are trying to infest your home. Termite Fumigation or Termite Spray can be the best way towards Termite Prevention.

If you have noticed any of these signs then sitting idle can be a mistake. You must call Frames Pest Control, the most trusted name in Termite Removal from Northwest Ohio to Southeast Michigan. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we guarantee you complete freedom from termite infestation.