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How to Distinguish Between Ants & Termites


Termites Inspections & Estimates

Termites inspection and removal ann arbor

If you have noticed possible insect-caused wood damage, call today to have one of our qualified technicians confirm the cause of the damage. Identifying the types of termites and reason for the same is crucial. We will give an estimate for a Termite treatment plan that is right for your property and designed to prevent further Termite infestation. All Termite treatment plans require an inspection.


All of Frame’s termite estimates (inspection not included) are free of charge. We will come out to your location to measure and assess the property. After gathering some information, we will provide a description of our treatment recommendation and the cost for the plan.

All of our wood destroying insect inspections meet all VA and FHA requirements for real estate transactions and are consistent with form NPMA-33.

Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System

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Frame’s Pest Control uses the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. Find out more at sentricon.com.

Drilling & Trenching: Chemical-Foundation Barrier Treatment

technician performing termite treatment in ann arbor, MI

Drilling and trenching are long-lasting, one-time solutions.


Interior applications are made directly into the mortar between concrete blocks by drilling and injecting every 4 inches. By creating dense termiticide barriers, this method assures that all areas of potential termite entry are effectively treated, as opposed to most treatment methods utilizing 8 or even 12-inch intervals.


Frame’s exterior applications are also more thorough than most other termite treatments. Most competitive services treat every 12 to 18 inches. Frame’s applications are injected at 6-inch intervals around the perimeter of the structure. This technique assures that soil around the foundation is adequately treated.

Night night, termite.