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Frame’s offers a comprehensive set of wildlife control services for the humane removal of wildlife from your property. We offer both residential and commercial animal removal services including:

  • Live-trapping and removal
  • Exclusion
  • Birds in vents

No matter the nuisance, our trained technicians can provide peace of mind by offering the right solution for wildlife removal.



These clever bandits, sometimes referred to as “trash pandas” are one of the most commonly found nuisance animals. Although they may look adorable, you don’t want to share your home with them. They can carry diseases like rabies, cause structural damage to your home and create a mess digging through your garbage cans every chance they get.


When a possum takes up residence on your property, you will likely know by the sounds and the smells they make, as well as the damage they leave behind. Common damage found with possum infestation includes ripped up shingles, soffit and siding. These pests can often be identified by the hissing and shrieking sounds they make, and their droppings leave a distinctive, unpleasant odor.


Although skunks are not as destructive as other pests, they do tend to leave a noticeable, unpleasant odor behind when they feel threatened or scared. Easily identifiable by their black bodies and white stripe down their back, skunks are well known carriers of rabies. The most common damage caused by skunks are holes in the lawn and pilfered trash cans.


Groundhogs are common pests on farms where they can cause significant damage to fields. They also cause problems for anyone who has a garden, a yard, or landscaping. These critters love to tunnel under the ground, digging up plants and damaging gardens. When they come above ground for dinner, typically at night, they will eat everything from grasses and berries to flowers. Groundhogs are also known carriers of rabies.


Although some consider birdwatching to be a relaxing hobby, there are some species of birds that you don’t want to see on your property. Flocks of birds building nests in the roof or the eves can cause substantial damage. Their presence is not difficult to detect, as they leave behind an unsightly mess of droppings, and they often carry unwelcome parasites like ticks, fleas and mites.